What Walmart's Fight Against Amazon Teaches Us About How to Fight Back

By the time Walmart launched it's first attempt at an online marketplace in 2009, Amazon had a decade long head start without any real competitors online. 

By studying Walmart's initial missteps with a marketplace, and its subsequent corrections and acquisition of Jet.com, we learn what to do, and what not to do, when competing again Amazon.

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Whats Inside

✔  Detailed analysis of Amazon's early rise to dominance

✔  A timeline of Walmart's digital transformation

✔ The path ahead: as Amazon disrupts just about every industry, tips on how companies in other markets can fight back

✔ A breakdown between online marketplaces (platforms) and online stores (linear)

About The Authors

Alex Moazed is the Founder and CEO of Applico. He founded Applico in 2009 when he was 20 years old and funded the company with his own credit cards.

Alex co-authored the best-selling book, Modern Monopolies, which defines the platform business model dominating the 21st century economy. In his role as CEO, he works directly with Fortune 500 C-suites and boards to help them build or buy their own platform businesses.

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Nicholas Johnson is Head of Platform at Applico, where he advises enterprise clients and oversees the company’s research into platforms. He is the co-author of  Modern Monopolies. He has been featured in the Financial Times, Bloomberg, CNN, CBS, USA Today, Buzzfeed, Rolling Stone, GQ, Fortune, and Good Morning America, among many others. He writes regularly for outlets like Inc., Business Insider, and TechCrunch.