The Next Wave of App Innovation

How Traditional Businesses Can Dominate With a Development Platform


The enterprise and B2B sector present a unique opportunity to build successful development platforms. With tech giants like Google and Amazon looming, incumbents risk being left behind as others lead the path in revolutionizing industries from manufacturing, mining and energy to military, robotics, healthcare and more.

Platform Innovation  



The Role of Autonomy

Understand how autonomy will impact the shift from hardware to software-created value in your industry. 


Build a Developer Network

Get ready to create your developer network. Learn how to attract third-party developers. APIs and documentation aren't enough. Understand how to create a comprehensive value proposition for developers and how to get monetization right.

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Alex Moazed
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Learn how your industry will be transformed by development platforms and how your business can capitalize on the opportunity.

Nicholas L. Johnson
Head of Platform, Applico

Co-author, Modern Monopolies

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