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B2B Payments & Trade Credit: Report and Webinar Recording

Missed our B2B Payments webinar, featuring Bryzos CEO Shep Hickey and BluePallet CEO Scott Barrows? You're in luck. Watch the replay and get our B2B Payments and Trade Credit report to become an expert.



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Watch the replay to learn why B2B payments and trade credit is the hottest feature in B2B eCommerce, and how successful B2B marketplaces have implemented these features to drive rapid digital growth. 

Want to know if you should build or partner? Wondering what the killer features are that you have to have? Watch the replay to get the answers to these questions  and more, including a live feature showcase of in-checkout trade credit from one of our speakers.

Want to go deeper? Read the report to learn more about how B2B payments and trade credit are driving eCommerce and marketplace success, including a list of the top fintech providers and partners. Fill out the form to access the recording and the report. 

Webinar Highlights

The Fintech Proposition

Seamless Customer Checkout

Fast, Reliable Credit Application

Nick Johnson

MD, Applico

Net Terms Before and After

Scott Barrows

CEO, Bluepallet

Shep Hickey

CEO, Bryzos

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