Applico analyzed real data from Amazon Business about its total number of third-party sellers, broken down by vertical, to learn its about its strengths, weaknesses, and how to fight back. 

The Threat of Amazon Business

A Bank of America analyst estimates a total market for e-commerce B2B of $1.4 trillion by 2021. He also believes Amazon will claim 10% of that market – unless incumbent industry leaders fight back.

Applico analyzed the total number of sellers in 9 product categories over 21 months to gain insight into Amazon Business's strategy. Download the report to access the data and insights.

Real data from Amazon's B2B Marketplace

Download the report for a strategy plan focused on how small, medium, and large distributors in different verticals can beat Amazon Business. 

Learn How to Fight Back

Expert insights from real data.

Download the report to get actionable strategies from Applico's platform thinking experts .

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In three years Amazon Business became a top 20 distributor.

Over 21 months, we tracked the growth of 9 different product categories by totaling the number of third party sellers in each vertical.

Download this report to analyze the data and learn how to fight back.